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janel 2

October 2006



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naked thigh

bexatious in branelgasm

friends only

This is a locked, moderated community. To view and reply to posts you must join.

If you would like to contribute things that we all would like to see, please comment to this post. If you would like to be nice and help prettify the layout or graphics, comment as well and I will give you cookies and maybe an evening with one of the Boys or Girls.


You're an angel! God loves you.

I'm thinking about what would be nice to have posted here and I will probably make another post in a day or so asking everyone what they do and do not want to see. I really don't want to take the roles of other communities away but it will be up to the members here as to what we end up with :)
I'm offering my services to you, graphics-wise. :) Let me know if you want anything in specific?
I would seriously love to lick those arms of his.

Proper offer duly noted and soon to be accepted.
I would seriously love to lick those arms of his.
Don't we all?
Can I lick her as well? Please?
Weeeeeeeelll... since you asked so nicely, I'm going to allow it.
Oh thank you, you're so kind and generous!

Wait! This is my comm so I get to hand out the Boys and Girls as I see fit.

I am so good, I was able to manipulate you without even knowing it!
Mmm, manipulated icon smoochies. I can pretend that they kissed a whole lot more now.
I got more of that! Here it is, times four!
Wow, it's oddly hypnotising.
I try to bring the goods as I can.
Of course I'll let you join. There's not so much Tim but we can change that.